BETTINA MARIA is a German fashion designer who has been designing one of a kind fashion since the early 90-ties out of San Francisco, USA. Initially experimenting with knitwear and handpainted specialty fabrics, making limited edition collections under her own private label for two decades in the US, her direction changed in 1998, when she discovered the dance and culture of the Tango in Buenos Aires. Since part of her original training was in theatre costume, the Tango inspired her to create a fantasy collection of dresses which moved her artistic fashion back on the stage. 

"MODAS DE TANGO" resembles a fusion of contemporary bohemian West Coast flavor as well as the elegance of European couture.


Today, the collections are produced in her Atelier in Berlin, Germany. There, each pattern is initially draped on the figure, considering the fluidity of the fabric and its functionality for the movements of the dance, before it is individually cut and sewn in the traditional  style of a European tailor-shop. Bettina learnt, while growing her wholesale business in America, that bigger is not necessarily better, being aware of the cost of corporate fashion production and its devastating effects on the environment. She strongly believes in the importance of keeping alive the tradition of European craftsmanship and recycling her many diverse fabric scraps into new unique designs. 

"MODAS DE TANGO" has been featured in major Tango Events in Buenos Aires, Europe and the US, developing private clients in many parts of the world from Vienna to Hongkong,  Tokyo, Perth, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Oslo, Kopenhagen, Rome, Milano Paris, London back to Berlin. It is a special joy for her to know her fashions keep on dancing on many special occasions.

Custom orders and special sizes are being accommodated upon request.
International shipping via DHL. 
To purchase her fashion directly in Berlin, please call for an appointment.

Phone: +49.176.5838-5887